Presto love water

French Tapware for intensive use and challenging environments

PRESTO SAFE® is designed for public spaces wishing to rapidly secure their public bathrooms with touchless taps.

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Touchless common sense with a small price.

This timed-flow touchless tap enables to quickly replace a mechanical timed-flow tap with G ½” connection already installed. It combines the robustness required in public spaces and a fine design inspired by our NEO DUO range. With its embedded technology in the tap body, replace your 504 wall-mounted, deck-mounted or any other single-tap with ½ connection with a PRESTO SAFE tap thanks to a quick and easy “Plug & Play” installation. With its touchless trigger and its duty flush, optimize the hygiene and safety for the users.



  • Automatic triggering and touchless tap
  • Periodic duty flush to prevent bacterial growth
  • Resistant to thermal shocks to prevent bacterial growth

Easy installation « PLUG & PLAY »

Quick replacement of a mechanical single-tap G 1/2" by a touchless timed-flow single tap PRESTO SAFE G 1/2"

Interchangeability of Presto SAFE

Easy maintenance

Full access to the integrated system (battery, solenoid valve, cell, etc.) without removing the tap by opening the cover with an invisible screw located on the front of the tap.

Presto SAFE opening
Presto SAFE Interior


Designed and tested for intensive use

Water savings

  • Self-closing
  • Short water flow time: 7 sec


Touchless tap suitable for disabled people, children and the elderly


Compact and discreet design that fits into any environment

Adjustable parameters

Flow duration and duty flush settings can be modified if needed with PRESTOCOM

  • Ignition of the LED
  • Flow time
  • Duty flush frequency
  • Duty flush flow time


Automatic closing of the tap in case of low battery or sensor deterioration


PRESTO SAFE® range is designed for public spaces:

  • Education
  • Kindergarten
  • Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants
  • Sports centers
  • Swimming pools
  • Leisure centers
  • Campsites
  • Industries
  • Administrations

PRESTO® taps are made from high quality materials. We design & manufacture taps adapted to market needs, in consultation with feedback from our customers. The PRESTO® Label is also the assurance of impeccable quality and technical and commercial monitoring before and after installation.​